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    • 3×Elecraft K3
    • 2×Kenwood TS-590
    • + spare
    • QS1R SDR receiver
    • Home made amplifiers


    Antennas (32 total):


    • 160m (two ANTs): GP @1m; GP @50m
    • 80m (three ANTs): 4-square @1m; GP @51m; vertical dipole @40m
    • 40m (four ANTs): 4-square @1m; 3 el. Yagi @48m1); 3 el. Yagi @70m1); 2 el. vertical dipoles @68m
    • 20m (five ANTs): VDA-EU2) @1m; VDA-US2) @1m; 3 el. Yagi @42m3); 3 el. quad @71m4); 2 el. quad @67m5)
    • 15m (six ANTs): VDA-EU2) @1m; VDA-US2) @1m; 3 el. Yagi @42m3); 4 el. quad @71m4); 2 el. quad @67m5); 5 el. Yagi @30m6)
    • 10m (six ANTs): VDA-EU2) @1m; VDA-US2) @1m; 3 el. Yagi @42m3); 4 el. quad @71m4); 2 el. quad @67m5); 5 el. Yagi @30m6)
    • 160, 80, 40m: six Beverages (one is F/B switchable), tri-band preamps, two reception channels



    1) RR-40 is rotary spider-type monobander of wires; two RR-40 antennas are used.
    2) VDA is 2×3el. vertical half-wave dipoles array, a monobander of wires; one array of three (for 20,15 and 10m) VDAs is fixed to Europe and another – to the United States.
    3) RR-33 is rotary spider-type tribander of wires.
    4) RQ-43 is rotary full-size tribander.
    5) RQ-23 is rotary full-size tribander.
    6) Full-size monobander.


    All the antennas are grouped in three antenna sites, which are called The Beach (sandy beach washed by the Atlantic Ocean water), The Cliff (30m high cliff above the ocean) and The Rock (50m high hill near the ocean), within 400m circle. In the list all heights (@’s) are shown above the ocean water level. The @1m antennas are set on The Beach. Basement heights are shown for GPs and VDAs, while tower heights are shown for the other antennas.


    Feeder lines:

    • 10D-FB 1/2″ coax cable, 1 km total length



    • six SSD-based desktops running Win-Test and CW Skimmer


    In-shack switching:

    • custom design, self-made


    (equipment list corresponds to 24-Nov-2013)

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